All About Writing

Stumped with writing? Looking for new ways to improve your craft? Here on our All About Writing page you’ll find great tips on creating your own blog and getting published in magazines.

Each video is a great deal. For just $1.99 you get great tips and instruction to improve your writing.


Tips for Writing for Magazines
In this video, Karen Alley talks about how to query magazine editors to get assignments, and what to do once you have an assignment to keep writing for that magazine.


5 Tips for a Great Blog
In this video, learn how to design a blog, write good blog content, and grow your fan base.


Win NaNoWriMo
How to get motivated and win National Novel Writing Month.


Writing for the Web
Every writer will need to write web content at some point, whether it’s for your own website or as part of your freelance writing business. Here are some tips for good web content writing that will help your site rise to the top in searches.

5 Tips to Make Your Writing More Exciting
This video highlights five things you can do to get your writing organized and make it exciting for the reader.


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